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A Story of Craftsmanship

Formed in Japan in 1952, Panaracer began manufacturing rubber products for a variety of commercial and consumer applications. As interest in elite cycling grew, Panaracer began to focus exclusively on bicycle tyres allowing us to devote all our time on producing the finest tyres on the market.

Made in Japan

Panaracer develop all our tyres in Japan, and produce over 90% of our tyres in our own Japanese factory. Years of industry experience combined with fine Japanese craftsmanship ensure Panaracer continue to make the finest tyres across all disciplines.

A Legacy of Quality

By continuing to manufacture in Japan, whilst others have moved overseas, we have been able to maintain the highest levels of quality control over both our products and our production line. Expert R&D engineers are constantly researching compounds, tread patterns and casing technology to guarantee Panaracer continues to lead the market in innovation. 

Creating the Finest

Panaracer use only the best hand-picked raw materials to create our casings and compounds. When those material choices are combined with our patented technologies, the final results are the finest tyres that you can find for racing, touring, urban and off-road cycling.

Our mission
To provide outstanding tyres that bring confidence, reliability and excitement to your riding, and sustainable value to society.

Panaracer are your Life Cycling Partner.